Water-use licence/registration applications

pdfDownload PDF Form 64 Application to Transfer Annual Use Limit (PDF - 181 kb)
Transfer of annual use limit can occur between water-use licences either within the same salinity impact zone or to a lower salinity impact zone. Applications must be submitted to your Water Corporation
  • Form 23 Application for a Water-Use Licence or a Water-Use Registration
  • Form 24 Application to Vary a Water-Use Licence and/or Water-Use Registration
  • Form 25 Application to Cancel a Water-Use Licence and/or Water-Use Registration

Linking Multiple Water Shares and/or Water-Use Licences to a Single Allocation Account

  • Form 40 Application to Link Multiple Water Shares and/or Multiple Water-Use Licences to a Single Allocation Account


When completing Form 40, if water share owner is not the owner of the water-use licence covering that land, you must also complete a declaration and land owners' consent.

pdfDownload PDF Declaration and land owners' consent (PDF - 47 Kb)

Take and use licence applications

Each water corporation has their own application forms relating to requests to issue, transfer and renew take and use licences. These forms are available from the water corporations’ websites.

Works licence applications

Licences to construct bore(s) for domestic and stock purposes or for investigation/monitoring purposes can now be issued online via MyWater. You need to be a registered user. Click here for more information

The application forms below are still accepted by Water Corporations.

Your water corporation may require supplementary forms relating to works licences. These forms are available from the water corporation.

  • Form 29 Application for the Issue of a Works Licence (in a declared system)

  • Form 31 Application to Amend, Renew and/or Transfer a Works Licence

Applications that are not made through MyWater must be made using an approved form. For the water corporation to accept the application forms that can be downloaded below, they must be clearly printed on white A4 paper, in portrait format, and in black ink.

Each application form must have its own unique application number. Therefore, you cannot download the form and photocopy it for multiple applications. Instructions for completing and submitting the forms are included as explanatory notes on the form.

To pay for any applications relating to a water share, water-use licence / registration or works licence please contact the Water Corporation directly as a part of lodging / processing your application(s).